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About us


Company Luket Ltd. was established on 13.9.1999. Luket bought the complex in Straz pod Ralskem at September 2011.
Technical and production base of the company, consisting of a production hall and administrative buildings, including
the handling area, is located at the company headquarters in Straz pod Ralskem, Pod Vinici 416.


The certificate of incorporation download here


Principal activity is the manufacture of metal products, equipment and structures, including assembly for the Czech and mainly
for the German market. We operate in the engineering industry. We have experience with contracts from the aviation and automotive industries. We use the latest techniques and technologies to make our orders.

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The quality of supplied products and services as well as meeting deadlines deliveries is our top priority.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner with whom the pleasure cooperate together.


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Luket s.r.o.Luket s.r.o.